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Climb your mountain: Craigdon to Castletop, North West NSW.

Dsc 0018
Posted at 06 October, 2016

Looking for that sense of achievement that comes with a million-dollar view? Climbing Castletop Mountain, adjacent to Mt Kaputar National Park, near Narrabri, is the pinnacle of a refreshing weekend of bushwalking, peace and luxury accommodation right on ......

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Celebrating Mother's Day

Mother's Day
Posted in Craigdon Events at 17 April, 2016

Give your mother something she'd really love this Mother's Day...... time with you....

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Women's Weekend Escape

Posted at 10 August, 2015

Danielle Perry's Weekend Retreat 4th-6th September 2015 Take time to escape to the beautiful Mt. Kaputar National Park and Craigdon Homestead. Weekend package includes everything required for women to de-stress and restore balance. Incorporating exercise...

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2nd Wedding Anniversary

Posted at 20 April, 2015

Celebrating your 2nd Wedding Anniversary....

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The Best Brownie Recipe

Baked Brownie 5 600
Posted at 10 March, 2015

I remember when Australians didn't really know brownies, they were associated with all things US and had an air of mystery....

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Proactive Workshop 28/9/14

Posted at 01 September, 2014

Pro-Active Skills Workshop. Helen Wheels Consultancy 28/9/14 Cost $250...

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Catch Your Breath Weekends

Craigdon 10 Of 13
Posted in Craigdon Events at 09 July, 2014

Craigdon is patnering with Danielle Perry to offer inland weekend retreats for women. Combining great accommodation with all the beauty that surrounds Craigdon and activities that help women both invigorate and reconnect with themselves.......

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Frequent Visitors to Craigdon

Img 0338 1
Posted at 19 May, 2014

During the past six months of drought we have seen a significant increase in bird life with in the house yard. Here's a list of some of my favourites that visit regularly.......

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20070226 Panorama
Posted at 17 September, 2013

Perfect time to explore the north west....

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Winter at last.

Wheat Field Narrabri
Posted at 29 May, 2013

Weather report....

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Staff Christmas Parties.

Christmas Baubles
Posted in Craigdon Events at 01 November, 2012

Come celebrate at Craigdon Function Centre, Saturday 8th December form 6pm. Adults $78. Bookings essential....

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Winter at last...

Winter 2010 011
Posted at 07 June, 2012

Winter in Narrabri is beautiful and the best season to really enjoy a visit to north western NSW.......

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Mother's Day

Mothers Day 08 65
Posted in Craigdon Events at 23 April, 2012

Mother"s Day at Craigdon is always a special day. The short, enjoyable drive from Narrabri takes you to the foothills of the Nandewars and Craigdon Function Centre. Once there you are surrounded with stunning views, quality facilities and .......

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